Packing List

The Idea of this page is to give you insights on how I planned my trip, what I had to do before actually leaving Switzerland and how I chose things to accompany on my journey. Let me know if you want to know more details.

Disclaimer: This is all based on my own research done in Dec 190- Feb 20′. You can use this as a reference but always make sure that you do research on your own. Also it is based on my current situation, needs and my experiences.

My packing list is of course tailored to my needs as I will be travelling from the cold European winter to Siberia, Mongolia and into spring and Asian summers. So therefore I need to have both warm and cool clothing to support my trip


  • Limited cash in some currencies
  • Drivers license (who knows I might drive?)
  • Identity card (might not be needed)
  • International vaccine booklet (you never know..)
  • Bank card and Credit cards
  • Passport + copies of the fist page
  • Travel documents and booking confirmation – Insurance card and the Travel Insurance coverage confirmation


  • Travel pharmacy with some simple plasters, disinfectant, bandages and scissors
  • Coal tablets (for stomach issues)
  • Malaria Tablets (Malarone), just in case
  • Painkiller Dafalgan (Take one that doesn’t thin your blood as certain medication already thins the bloood, for example Malarone and this can be severely dangerous)
  • Mosquito spray and Fenistil (bites)
  • Compeed (For Blisters)


Winter Clothing

  • One fleece and two thin merino pullovers
  • One merino glove (light and I can operate my phone)
  • One leather glove (if super cold)
  • Two Beanies (If super cold I can wear two)
  • Two Long underwear (If super cold I can wear two)
  • One Undershirt

Summer and General Clothing

  • Three shorts
  • Two jeans, one chino, one long hiking pants
  • Four long armed Shirts
  • Two Swimming shorts
  • 8 long socks (two merino, one smart wool, 5 soxy) and 6 short (1 merino, 5 sports)
  • Two sports shoes (Tropicfeel), one pair of hiking shoes and one flip flops. Tropicfeel shoes are more sustainable and vertasaile than others (check FAQ) and they are super comfortable
  • 7 t-shirts, one sports shirt and two polo shirts
  • Eight underpants
  • One rain jacket


  • Notebook incl. Pen (you never know if yo need to write down things or draw something due to language)
  • Magnetic Cutlery (why not use re-usable cutlery?)
  • Travel game (for lots of train rides)
  • Light Sleeping Bag and a Blow up Pillow
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels (1 x shower, 1 x frotee, 1 x beach)
  • Water filter Drinkpure (I want to reduce my plastic waste and not having to buy water all the time reduces cost – check it out Link)

Note: Why did I chose this one? Seems to have the least waste, most number of filtered water (1000l) and can be screwed on any bottle if needed, – it might look weird 🙂


  • GoPro Hero 7 incl. accessories (strap, clips), extra memory stick and extra battery
  • Headphones
  • Telephone incl. charger
  • Power bank, incl. charging cable that has an adaptor that I can switch and works with an Lightning type (Apple), USB-C and USB-B
  • Headlamp
  • Surface Go incl. charger
  • Universal travel adaptor


  • Face cream and eye cream
  • Disinfectant liquid (antibacterial)
  • Deodorant
  • Some moisturising towels
  • Hand cream (for winter days)
  • Lip balmand Vicks nose inhaler (for winter days)
  • Nail clipper and a swiss army knife
  • Electric Razor incl. charger
  • Soap (2x), Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 Soap
  • Sun cream (1x mini FP20…1x FP30 – xxx, 1x FP50 – xxx)
  • Some tissues (I usually have a runny nose)
  • Tooth floss, toothpaste and and toothbrush (I got myself a …)
  • Scissors and a mirror (for a hair cut)

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