Health & Insurance

The Idea of this page is to give you insights on how I planned my trip, what I had to do before actually leaving Switzerland and how I chose things to accompany on my journey. Let me know if you want to know more details.

Disclaimer: This is all based on my own research done in Dec 190- Feb 20′. You can use this as a reference but always make sure that you do research on your own. Also it is based on my current situation, needs and my experiences.



Before deciding on vaccinations you will need to know your travel route. So decide on that before going for vaccinations. I did everything through a travel doctor/tropical doctor (official list here for doctors approved for yellow fever vaccinations in Kanton Zurich, Switzerland). I went to a doctor in Wetzikon, ZH (link) and my experience with him was great and also by giving him access to he could see pretty quickly what I had and needed. Helpful websites are:

Infovac: Link
Safetravel: Link


Do you also have multiple booklets with the vaccinations that you have done and do not have an overview of what you have done and what needs to be done?

Then I would recommend

you can upload pictures of your vaccine booklets, pay 10 CHF and your electronic vaccination booklet is updated by an authorised partyunfortunately not recognised internationally
you can authorise a doctor access the electronic vaccination bookletApp is not as intuitive as online
you have an overview what is due/not due


Did the Coronavirus Covid-19 stop me from moving on with my trip? NO. Why? Of course any virus is scary, however after reading through multiple articles and also comparing it to other diseases/viruses out there basically there is always a risk in the world wherever you go. What I will definitely do though is monitor the situation carefully country by country and I will look through the following two websites:

Channel News Asia Info graphic: Link
Detailed Dashboard: Link
Worldometer Dashboard: Link

The Coronavirus may make my travel a bit more complex in certain areas, so will keep you up to date.

Eye Laser

Being short-/ or farsighted sucks, especially on travels. I never liked to wear glasses as the were just not very practical when doing sports, whenever entering buildings they would become foggy and the first thing in the morning would be “put on the glasses”. Also contacts will have quite some cons, especially that you need to bring with extra pairs and lens liquid. Therefore I decided finally to do it and am super glad that I have.

Clearvision: Link


Health Insurance (Krankenkasse)

Check out your health insurance. Make sure of what exactly your health insurance covers and what not. For certain countries e.g. Belarus or Russia typically it’s not enough. I recommend taking a look at Moneyland to get more details about insurances (Link)

Travel Insurance (Reiseversicherung)

For short trips not needed as certain things are covered through your household insurance. For my trip I decided to get a travel assistance insurance (cancellation insurance not needed as I’m on he go). Check out Moneyland for some details (Link)

Private Liability (Privathaftpflicht)

Typically the Hausratversicherung includes the Privathaftpflicht. However if you do not have it then it’s recommended to have it. A damage to a third person can be very pricey and exactly that is what needs to be covered.

Accident Insurance (Unfallversicherung)

When you are employed the company is obliged to make sure that you are included in their accident insurance. If you are not employed you will not be covered by that insurance 30 days after termination of the contract. In order to be covered you can either include it in your health insurance or you can create a Abredeversicherung which however can only be done for a maximum of 6 Months

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