The Idea of this page is to give you insights on how I planned my trip, what I had to do before actually leaving Switzerland and how I chose things to accompany on my journey. Let me know if you want to know more details.

Disclaimer: This is all based on my own research done in Dec 190- Feb 20′. You can use this as a reference but always make sure that you do research on your own. Also it is based on my current situation, needs and my experiences.


Surface Go

Since I do not have a personal laptop I was thinking about what’s the best to bring along on my travels. Something compact, yet something that I can use to also edit videos/photos and to write this blog. I purchased a Samsung tablet however quickly realized that it’s not made for that. Therefore I decided to get a Surface Go and It’s amazing! I would recommend it.

One Plus 6T

There was a special on Digitec and I was always wanting to move from iOS to Android. And it’s simply amazing. So much better from my experience, customizable to your own needs, dual SIM and never having to run out of memory problems, oh and also fast charging! So far I am simply just amazed by this phone and all my pictures will be taken with this.

Go Pro Hero 7

I was thinking of getting a Go Pro for a long time (should’ve actually got it for my Vietnam trip in 2018) but now I finally got it. Black Friday Special :).
I simply have my phone and my Go Pro with me to capture my experiences on my trip. I think there is no better ‘video camera’ out there and did my initial test with it on the Glacier Express in Switzerland (Glacier Express)


Digital Republic

While browsing through the internet I came across this startup: I’ve been using their 10/5 Mbits unlimited internet in CH as a free trial for 30 days and am really impressed. The connection was always available wherever I was (mostly in Kanton Zurich) and it was for free. Of course not for always but the usual fee is 10 CHF per month.

Great pricingNo app available to manage subscription, however not really needed
Inbound calls and SMS are possibleOutgoing calls and SMS not
Very simple installation

Digital Republic: Link


I will be using this SIM card and provider whilst travelling as the offer is the best out there for a Swiss SIM Card. For certain countries I will be getting a local SIM card, however when travelling from country to country it might not make sense to get a new SIM card every time.

Superb pricing (prices check the website)Q-SIM is data only, but calls can be done with online. Single SIM Card phones maybe not too practical, but many Android phones support two SIM’s nowadays.
mobile data is valid for 90 days (typically only 30 days)
very simple registration and top up of the card

Qynamic: Link


Many places simply have wifi available and for free. I can simply download localities on Google Maps and navigate around using that or even old school with a local map.

Or … offline

Why not just being offline for some time? 🙂
there is no need to be online all the time. Socialize and talk to the people.

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