When the adventure started

I am a Swiss / Singaporean, born in Switzerland and at the age of 2 my parents decided to move back to Singapore. After visiting the Swiss School Association in Singapore and the United World College of South East Asia I decided ‘hey let me go back to Switzerland and start an apprenticeship’.

There I was; always travelling since I started living in Switzerland to visit Friends and Family around the world and to explore what is out there. Oh wait, actually since I was small I’ve been travelling around as well :). So travelling around does not finance itself so I did have to work so if you really do want to know visit my LinkedIn Page for more details.

What made me start my trip?
Many reasons I guess, but to keep it really short: firstly I’ve always really loved to travel and to go on adventures since the very young age, secondly I have exchanged myself with many that have done longer trips and have always admired what my friends and colleagues have done, and thirdly I’ve been working in the same organization for many years (which I really loved doing and believe I mastered what I was doing) and it was just time for a change, something new, learn even more especially at the age that I am, and get out of my comfort zone. So I decided that I would leave the company and would start to travel around for a while with destination unknown.


Mathew Karsten
The Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey

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