Lockdown in Switzerland

After having been in Phuket for two weeks all stores started to close, restaurants only allowed to serve take away food, curfew being put in place, ALL countries around Thailand closing their borders and airlines announcing that they will stop operating it was time to think about what to do next.

To stay in Thailand or fly back home (the thought that I never had wanted to be on my mind). I got to know Sofia from Zurich on Couchsurfing; she was staying in Patong. We met up a few times and had exchanged much during this time and then eventually decided to fly back home. Ooh boy!

Flight Experience: I was actually super lucky that I got flights. I checked online and all Economy seats were taken. Now luckily I still had Flight Miles left and found a super offer with Thai Airways. They were offering a 120€ one way business class seat – BOOKED!

I stayed a few more days in Thailand and then few days before my flight checked my flight status and it was showing:

What now? I contacted colleagues from Singapore, India and some other countries to contact customer service however no luck so far. No response, unlimited amount of time on hold or the busy signal. Finally after hours and hours I got through to the customer service department; they confirmed to me the new flight and I was ready to go.

Phuket Airport: I arrived at the airport and straight away my temperature was checked once, twice, three, but no four times! The employee at the check in counter was even already wearing face shields. All good, I boarded my flight and flew to Bangkok

Bangkok Airport: The airport was actually very empty – something that you don’t see often. And when I looked at the flights dashboard almost no flights and half of them were cancelled as well. My temperature got checked another three times here. Wow! And as I was flying business why not enjoy the Business Lounge 🙂
I guess I enjoyed the business lounge too much and was the last person to board the flight.

Zurich Airport: Also here a very empty airport but was super shocked once I got out of the airplane: EVERYONE aboard the flight was wearing face masks and right at the disembarking bridge there were two employees standing WITHOUT A MASK! A whole plane of potential Covid victims are passing them and they aren’t wearing masks. Walking through the Airport there were even more employees and none of them were wearing a mask. Once we passed the immigration we got our luggage and stepped outside the airport. Was that it? Yes it was. Time to go home.


Back in April when I traveled back there was no Quarantine List that we have nowadays. What did I do? I voluntarily went into quarantine for 10 days for my families sake. Many hours on the PS4 + Netflix and finally after 10 days I could enjoy the beautiful spring weather, sunshine and freedom!

What did I do During the lock down?

To be honest the lock down in Switzerland wasn’t as bad as it was in other countries. We were allowed to go outside for walks, grocery shopping and enjoy the sunshine outdoors without the need to have a signed certificate or any other similar paper. We had to make sure that we would follow social distancing rules and were only allowed to be in a group of 5.

What did I do during the lock down?
1. My thought was at first that I can continue my journey in June
2. Then it was June and then I thought that I can continue in July
3. Then it was July and I thought I can continue in August 🙂

Mostly during these few months I was cooking a lot: Swiss, Italian, Georgian, Chinese, West African, Indian, Japanese, Thai…

I was also hiking a lot which I will cover in an separate post.

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