удивительное время на Байкале

I was unexpected twice at the Baikal Lake. The first time when I had traveled from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk and doing a one day self-guided tour to Listvyanka and a one day Baikal Lake tour and the second time doing a three day tour on the Baikal Lake, Olkhon Island

Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world with a length of 636 meters and depth of 1642 meters. Simply amazing, you can enjoy hot summer days at the lake and go swimming and in the winter time walk, skate, drive on top of most of the lake. I recommend going in winter since it’s a once in a lifetime experience.


One Day tour List vyanka

Walk to the Central Market in Irkutsk where all the mini buses are and take the bus to Listvyanka which takes about one hour and it will reach the Mayak (Lighthouse) in Listvyanka. It costs 150 RUB (2€) one way. You can then walk around the town, onto the baikal lake and I had lunch at some food stall for 400 RUB (5€) and at around 6 pm I rode back to Irkutsk with the same bus.

A 5 minute video of my day trip can be seen here:

One Day tour Lake Baikal

While staying at my hostel I found about the tour World of Siberia, so I got in touch with Elena and booked a tour for the next day to go off to the Baikal Lake. A day filled with many activities from driving in an UAZ-452 van, ice skating, sinichka bay, peschanaya bay, eating, walking and enjoying the view.

Watch the 13 Minute video of my day tour at the Baikal Lake

Three Day tour Olkhon Island

Day 1: A drive from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island reaching the famous Shaman Rock after 5 hours with a stop in between at the Pamyatnik Orlu and lunch. Walking around the area and enjoying the great weather, crawling into gaps on the rock and ending the day with setting up the tents, looking for wood and cooking some Russian stew.

Day 2: Waking up with frozen feet we then went onward to Khuzhir, met up with some colleagues from Moscow , boarded a UAZ-452 van and headed over to some nice rock formations, Ogoy Island and then back to the Shaman Rock and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Day 3: It’s my birthday! Woke up with not so frozen feet today, walk to Khuzir with a birthday surprise, enjoying the view from that location and drove back from there to Irkutsk reaching back in the evening.

Check out the Video of the 3 days here:

Recommendations: I would definitely recommend Listvyanka as it’s easy to get there, it’s very cheap to do so and you get a quick Baikal Lake experience. I was very happy with World of Siberia, of course there are many other tours and it can be that they are equally good, I don’t know maybe next time 🙂

Other Tours that I found that sound interesting:
Self guided Tour Olkhon Island
One Day Drip Khuzir Noth Line

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