Екатеринбург, Sverdlovsk Oblast

Having really enjoyed Kazan it was time to travel further and on wards to Ekaterinburg the fourth largest city in Russia east of the Ural mountains on the boundary between Asia and Europe.

EKATERINBURG located 1420 Km to the east of Moscow lies Ekaterinburg which was was founded in 1723. It started off as a mining capital and as a strategic location between Europe and Asia, later became Sverdlovsk during the Soviet union and a industrial and administration centre. After the fall of the Soviet Union the city returned to it’s historical name and is now one of the most important economic centres in Russia. Later Boris Yeltsin became the first president of Russia.

Walking or taking Yandex Taxi (cheaper and more common than Uber) – download the app.
+ very developed city with many bars, restaurants
+ many different architecture styles (from constructivist , neoclassicist, eclecticism, postmodernism to the most northern skyscrapers)
+ music and art scene is big, museums, theatre centre

+ many nice parks and walking areas

How did I get here?

Ekaterinburg is on the Trans-siberian route and iseasily reachable by train from Kazan. I reached this place after a 14 h 12 min train ride and 717 Km. Luckily this time a very quiet neighbour and had a good nights rest 🙂

It is very easy nowadays to search and buy tickets on the Russian Rail app.

Where is this place?

What did I do here?

After having walked in quite a number of cities and travelling around it was time for me to relax a bit and just plan things ahead as well.
As my next planned stops are Irkutsk, Mongolia and then back to Russia and over to Vladivostok and is South Korea; I might need to re-plan certain routes due to the Novel Coronavirus as certain borders are closed or have enforced their entry requirements.

I did however enjoy afternoon and evening strolls through the city, met up with Mariya, Andrey and Olga for some food and drinks and had a great time.

a. Walk in the city centre by the Iset River
b. Many churches such as Church on the Blood
c. Bars: Jaws Spot, the Rosy Jane, Nelson Sauvin
d. Ganina Yama, a wooden monastery is apparently worth visiting if you have more time
e. Vysotsky Skyscraper: observation deck
f. Restaurant Yest’ Khinkali for Georgian food
g. Many monuments and statues to look at
h. Walking sightseeing project – guide

Where did I stay?

I stayed with my Couchsurfing host Natalia. Thanks a lot for hosting me, having good talks and going for dinner to enjoy a good ol’ Borscht Soup and some Vareniki.

I would do the same again

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