Košice on the Hornád

My next stop en route to Russia is Slovakia, the hidden gem Košice. Just a reminder: Subscribe to my newsletter. Click on Newsletter or (here) and enter your email address.

KOŠICE. Most visit Bratislava as it’s close to Vienna or the Tatras mountains in the center of the country and still quite untouched on the East Slovakia is the beautiful city of Košice. Rich in history, a beautiful old town, having the nature very close by and having been the European Capital of Culture in 2013 definitely worth a visit!

There are 250’000 people living here in the second largest city in Slovakia.
+ common tourist attractions are in close proximity
+ restaurants, cafes and very cheap

Everything can be reached on foot easily. Well I did walk 21,02 km on that day so maybe not everything if your not up to walking that far ;-). I would also recommend to get out of the city and into the nature!

Where is this place?

How did I get here?

Coming from Brno I saw that the best option was with the Czech Train as I would only have to change trains in Bratislava and the travel time was only 6,5 hours (29EUR) .
+ I met Maria from Russia on the train, on her way to Budapest, talked to her the whole first journey exchanging stories good to know that if sh** goes wrong whilst i’m in Yekaterinburg I can contact someone 🙂
+ WIFI and clea

The first train from Brno to Bratislava was quite empty and we had our own compartment to ourselves: and super comfy seats! The second train was quite full and a bit tight with my long legs

What did I do here?

Walking, walking, walking, around the old town, and through fields to the Lookout Tower on the hill and once I arrived there it was closed 😕
I wanted to climb the St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral tower (TWICE) but both times it was closed.

At first the weather wasn’t as great but in the evening it was amazing, making this place magical. Recommended to visit.

Couldn’t use English everywhere, but no worries ordering food or drinks is easy:
a. Had lunch at the Tabačka Kulturfabrik; really good food.
b. Bar Dobré Časy with many beers on tap
c. walk down the Hrnčiarska street

Where did I stay?

I thought I would try out Couchsurfing and what an experience! I messaged Janko the evening before and got an answer quite quick and boom we agreed that he would host me:
+ Janko was simply amazing: he picked me up and even dropped me off at the bus station too, we cooked together, had some sheesha and drinks together, exchanged stories and pictures
+ experience – it’s all based on trust and Janko was very trusting, and getting in touch with a local

Great experience and here some recommendations:

Being a traveler:
– explain what you’re doing/why you would want to stay with the person
– it shouldn’t be about free accommodation only. It’s to exchange/share things with the host and doing things with them

Finding a host:
– check references or if they are verified users
– exchange some messages with the host to get a feeling if you ‘click’

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