Brno, South Moravia

After beautiful Cesky Krumlov up comes the next beautiful city in Czech Republic. Definitely recommend this place as there aren’t too many tourists.
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BRNO, close to the Vienna and Bratislava is the City Brno with 400’000 inhabitants, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Filled with much history (I always thought the swedes were ‘innocent’ but they tried to invade and take over Brno in the 17th century; they failed), beautiful architecture and many recreational areas, coffee places and restaurants it was a great place to visit!Also Villa Tugendhat, a pioneer of modern architecture in Europe, is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Center since 2001.
+ very cheap and very safe
+ not too touristy however has many cafes and restaurants

It is super safe here, in the city everything can be reached on foot and it’s not as popular as Prague or Cesky Krumlov so far less crowded. If you have more time there are quite a few things to do outside of the city:
– Veveří Castle
– Moravian Karst, Nature reserve with caves and gorges
– Macocha Gorge and many more

Where is this place?

How did I get here?

I travelled here also by Flixbus (8.5 EUR) from Cesky Krumlov.
+ good prices
+ WIFI and clea
+ bus was not as full compared to the journey from Zurich to Munich

I would recommend to travel by bus. The bus only stopped a few times and the bus drops you off directly at the train station (city center)

What did I do here?

Walk around the old town, up to the Špilberk Castle, walking around and climbing up to the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral and being lucky again enjoyed the sunshine weather 🙂

Also it was a great pleasure to have met Danijela from Bosnia for some drinks and food to get some local insights.

I really enjoyed just walking around the city gazing at the architecture of the buildings and to have a beer or two in one of the local restaurants/pubs

You can explore everything by foot and it’s really easy to get familiar with the city (most people I spoke with could speak English or even German)
a. Restaurace Mazaný Anděl (should be good but didn’t go)
b. Restaurant: U Dřevěného vlka (very young crowd though)
c. Sklizeno Josefská (grocery store with natural products)

Where did I stay?

10-Z Bunker (20 EUR per night, incl. breakfast), below the Špilberk Castle in a private room.
+ breakfast and museum included
+ experience – the last time I was in a bunker was when I was in the Swiss Army

– no telephone reception but WIFI everywhere
– I wouldn’t consider this as a negative point but for those that are alone and scared it might be really freaky. I was completely alone in my sector and parts of the places were dark (you can lock the doors though 😉

I would really recommend to stay here, it’s something different, once in a life time experience; the beds are also decent and here I’m definetly safe from the COVID-19 😎

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