Historic Center of Cesky Krumlov

So this is my first official post. It took me quite some time to figure out how all of this stuff works and how to display things the best way so I hope you like it as It’s not only about me sharing what I’m doing but also me giving you some tips in any case you wish to travel to these locations. Please do sign up to the Newsletter above to get regular updates and do let me know in the comments section if you like the format/content or not 🙂 Thanks!

Cesky … What? Close to the German and Austrian borders lies a small Czech town, famous, and even though unknown to many Swiss, Asians somehow discovered this place first. And it’s huge groups 😳

Asian Invasion

Cesky Krumlov has been a UNESCO Historic Centre since 1992.

Don’t visit in the peak seasons May – October. I recommend visiting off peak.
Alex working at the Hostel told me it’s probably because the Asians have movies that are filmed here or they have their wedding photo trips in Czech Republic.

Where is this place?

How did I get here?

I travelled with Flixbus (48 EUR/33 EUR) from Zurich via München (stop over 3 hours), changed bus to Cesky Krumlov.
+ good prices (in advance a lot cheaper)
+ second bus: on-time, WIFI and clean
– first bus: delayed by 1hr 15 mins with no update where the bus was, quite dirty, toilets broken, being woken up many times during the night as the bus had to stop for toilet breaks LIGHTS ON, border control at 3:30am

I would do it again this way, but if you get annoyed if you haven’t slept much:
a. Stay one night in München
b. Stay one or a few nights in Prague

What did I do here?

Walk around the town a few times, few times up to the castle, watching bears play, talking to some Czech guys in the U. Galerie Restaurant, talking to a Norwegian guy in hostel about football, Balkans, Norway and Switzerland talking to a french lady at the hostel about many things and just simply enjoying the sun!

I did everything really low budget and simply just walked around and din’t pay for any sights. I saw everything and enjoyed my time here.

a. Restaurant U. Galerie (cheap and czech food)
b. Restaurant Švejk (decent prices and czech food)
c. Try the Trdelnik pastry! Tasty, had the one with chocolate pudding, good but in the end a bit messy (the one I had cost 60 CZK)

Where did I stay?

Hostel Merlin (14 EUR / night), located in the city centre by the Vltava river staying in a 6-Dorm room. Only 1 other french lady with me as it’s low season.
+ free coffee & tea and a nice kitchen area
+ location, super friendly staff and a balcony with sun

I would recommend this place to everyone. Alex and his brother, the two Vietnamese guys are super helpful, friendly.

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