№ 1 Bye Bye Switzerland

Life in Switzerland is pretty stressful … WHY?

  • people never having time to meet up and continously saying: “we should meet” or “sorry I already have something planned”
    Something that’s true in this video unfortunately only in swiss german “Wenn du dich als Erwachsener verabreden willst – Izzymagazine”.
  • people always on the run. “I need to catch my train at 11:37” … but wait … this isn’t the only train heading to your destination 🙂
  • Administration overkill. So much post, letters and things to organize and do

… anyway I also had super many things to do in the last few days, and even though I packed already 2 weeks ago to see how much stuff I’m actually planning to bring with (check out my packing list here) I had to do last minute packing :). Well I guess even for me on my last day I was super stressed, but for different reasons.

… I made it and finally a 16kg and 8kg baggage were created

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