One Hundred Forty Four To Do’s

First off I wanted to tell you how I did it with getting organized as in the beginning of it all it’s actually really difficult to even know what you need to do. So this is what I did:

1. Discuss with Friends and Colleagues wherever you meet people and tell them about your planned travel and you never know, also when you least expect it people will give you tipps

2. Do research online and and read through other blogs. I for example very liked Swissnomads or also Weltreiseinfo

3. Brainstorm and write down things on your to do’s (they don’t have to be perfectly structured at the beginning). I have always used Wunderlist then moved to Microsoft To Do as they will eventually retire it (article here). It’s a very easy to use tool that I can use also on my phone. Below is a screenshot once I finally decided how to structure my to do’s

4. Refine and go with the flow. Things will come to your mind to look into, to discuss and things will evolve over time. Don’t worry.

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